It’s that Time of Year Again

“I just don’t know how I feel about it all. I mean, I’m leaving soon and…” I was pouring my heart out to one of my closest friends from high school and a brand new friend as we prepared for the big celebration. Girls will be girls, right? Sitting around, talking about feelings, beautifying each other. Preparing for the New Year always presents an opportunity to look back and evaluate; on myself, on my year, on my decisions, etc. It’s an opportunity to figure out if I want/need to change anything; to evaluate whether or not I am happy with the way things are going. 

Given the opportunity to be anyone in the entire world, would I be someone else, or would I stay me? 

In all honesty, I think I’d stay me. No, I’m not perfect.. but who is? This is an opportunity to reflect and make those changes that need to be made. Every day is an opportunity for this reflection, but we often forget to think about it. This past year has been amazing. It was definitely a rebuilding year in which I began broken making many changes to try to fix myself. It was a year of changes and a new beginnings. Full of life lessons and amazing memories. I couldn’t be more honored to have the friends that I do. I am so excited to see what the New Year has to offer.


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