Blinded by the Closeness

Look ahead. What do you see. Don’t look to the side, and don’t look behind you. Look straight forward. Take it in. Take notes. Of the details that you see. Of the items in front of you. 

Now find a corner in the room that you are in and put your back to the wall. Or, if you’re feeling ballsy and adventurous on this late Friday morning stand on a table, chair, or counter. Look around the whole room. You can move this time. Spin around and look into every crevice. Now what do you see? Focus on the new detail. How our view has changed so in turn our knowledge and perception of that room has now changed. 

Isn’t it crazy that when we step back and look upon something as an outsider that we realize that as an insider; we are often blinded by our closeness. We’re too close. This outsider prompt hits home right now as I am currently looking in from the outside on a particular situation and I have to remind myself that those inside of the situation are blinded. I guess in order to tell the story, I have to start at the beginning… except that would take wayy too long and let’s face it.. my life isn’t that interesting. But it’s important for you to be aware that though my age may hide it; I have already lived a lifetime. That being said, I have a bird-eye view of many situations that my peers are going through currently. It’s easy for me to point my finger and say, “Bad!” or “No!” or “What the %$@! are you thinking!?” But that’s not my job. As a friend. As someone who genuinely cares and wants to be there for people. I have to remind myself that I am called to LOVE. 

I’ve always valued the relationships in my life in which I can freely love at all times; especially when I can give and receive tough love. We need people in this world to help us remove our heads from our asses; to remind us who we are. One of my closest friends reminds me all the time when I’m making certain decisions that, “THIS IS NOT YOU!”. I need that reminder. I need to be reminded of who I was created to be and ultimately that person was created good

So with this situation that I am currently in… I also have to remind myself that I can only do so much. It’s hard when we watch someone plummet; when we see the fall coming knowing that it will end with pain… thinking to ourselves, “but I can stop it… if they would just listen to me!” Then I remember how I learned these hard lessons of life and recalled that I am who I am because of the times that I have fallen. Although my friend may be on a fast path to destruction… I am called to love. And I can be here for him. But it is not my job to attempt to open up his eyes when they are not ready to see. It is not my job to save him from life experiences that will only make him stronger and wiser. It is also not my job to judge or dictate his actions. 

For the outside looking in, I am able to see the treacherous road ahead. But who am I to reveal things that are not up to me to reveal? Who am I to play God and point fingers? I will watch from the outside. I will be here and listen. And I will love to the best of my ability. 


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