Smelly Farts and Smilin’ Hearts

The title of this post pretty much sums up my classroom today. In case I haven’t shared this part about me yet, I’m currently student teaching. I LOVE all 30 of my students. I work with students that have IEPs (individualized education plans). I teach math and science this semester and let me tell you I friggin’ love it. My students are all unique and days like today make not so great days worth it.

My supervisor came to observe me teach my first ‘official’ lesson today. 

cold sweat. clenched throat. antsy extremities. 

I thought I was gonna faint!

She came to watch my lesson with my class of 13 students (my largest class size.. of course). But my kids were 


I love those days that all of my students are actually putting forth effort because it makes my job a lot easier. I am able to focus my time on the abilities of students rather than their behaviors.

I absolutely loved that today, my students asked me questions and helped each other. Gosh, it was refreshing.

However, the moment that absolutely killed me involves 2 of my senior students from later on in the day: (names are changed for purposes of confidentiality)

Gretchen: *turns towards Marvin behind her* “Will you please help me open my drink?”

Marvin: “Sure Gretchen, no problem” *proceeds to take her Coca-Cola bottle from her hand and open it with a huge a grin on his face. Passes it back to her.”

Gretchen: “Thank you very much” *turns around with the biggest smile on her face I’ve seen yet

Now… to all you typically developing readers who feel that Gretchen and Marvin should go home and not be talked about…. for me, this was the highlight of my day. Not only did it make my heart smile because of the fact that Marvin did something nice for Gretchen… but also because of the following facts:

1. Gretchen asked for help.

2. They both smiled.

3. Marvin was so eager to help.

4. Gretchen was extremely grateful.

My students remind me that it’s the little things in life that make or break my mood. They make things so simple and I love it. When they’re angry or frustrated… they let you know. When they are happy… they let you know. Everything that they do is genuine and purposeful. When they compliment you, they truly mean what they say to you. On the other hand, when they insult you, or tell you that they don’t like you or something you are doing, they also truly mean that in that moment. 

Everyday, I fall in-love with how my students are accepted by one another and by typically developing students.



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