Daily Prompt: Molding Minds Every Day

The prompt today was to teach my readers something I do well. I thought about explaining one of my many crafts that I do, or how to make knotted rosaries. My sarcastic side wanted to talk about how to be happy when you’re depressed. After some thought, I decided… this is a perfect opportunity to talk about why I teach; why I do what I do.

My main goal in life: to break down the barriers that separate different. 

I am intervention specialist (well, I will officially be one come May), which means that all of my students need interventions/modifications/accommodations in order to be successful in school. My students are laughed at, called ridiculous names, and just overall misunderstood.




When I was in high school, instead of attending study hall, I volunteered in the Special Ed classroom of my school. I fell in-love with a student in there and he forever changed my life. He taught me about the beauty of innocence and he brought so much joy into my life.

With the help of an amazing regular ed. English teacher, we were able to have him come into our typical English class for social and communication skills. The boy and I would walk to class arm in arm and people would avoid us at all cost. 

Faces down. Sounds of disgust as we walked by. People literally moving slyly around us making sure not to touch either of us. 

You see, this boy had 

Down syndrome

some typical characteristics include boils, slanted eyes, slurred speech.

He was a ball of joy and it was so interesting/exciting to watch as our peers in my English class began to get to know my friend. The more comfortable they became around him, the more his true personality showed. They began to fall in-love, just as I did. Slowly people in the halls were less scared. Watching that boy transform throughout those four years was so life-changing for me. The climactic point that made it all worth it was watching my friend walk across the stage at graduation and watching as all of our classmates stood up and gave him a standing ovation *cue all of the whoops and hollers*. 




I teach because I care; because I want to fight for those students who have nobody else fighting for them. I want to help these students find happiness and success; whatever that may look like to them. 




15 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Molding Minds Every Day

    • It’s definitely difficult to balance. Understandably so. The importance of inclusion (mixed classes) is so great. Usually with students who have behavior problems; it can allow them to see typically developing peers perform GOOD behavior. One of the best ways to balance is to have your higher functioning students helping your lower functioning students. It bridges gaps as well as benefits both students (and even gives you some extra time to work in small groups or one-on-one with those students who need it).

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