The Power of One.

“Why me?”

“What would it matter; I’m just one person.”

“Someone else can handle that.”

The list goes on and on..


We, (as in myself included..) often try to come up with justifications to walk away from certain situations. It goes back to high school. Remember passing that classmate getting bullied? Or maybe you were that student getting bullied.. or maybe you were the bully. There was that little voice in our heads that said, “No. Stop this. Stand up for that poor kid. Why are we all standing doing nothing. Or egging it on. Or just walking away.” We didn’t stop the bullying from happen because it might bruise our ego. Or for whatever reason, we didn’t stop it. Sometimes, it just takes

One Person

How did all of the great movements of history happen? They all started with one person standing up for something that they believed in. Rosa Parks. Martin Luther King, Jr. Jesus Christ. Amelia Earhart. Albert Einstein. All of these people made a mark on history simply because they fought. Because they strayed from the beaten path. Because when everybody else told them no. Or walked away from them. They stood up for what they believed in and fought until they achieved their dreams.

On a smaller scale, everyday we make decisions. We are influenced by other people.

When are we going to be the ones influencing others?

What are we waiting for!?

Life is way too short to wait around for someone else to make a move. We might be waiting forever. You never know who you will influence or who you will benefit by standing up and being that ‘ONE’ right now. Not tomorrow. Not next week. 

Right Now.

Be the One. 

You’re more powerful than you could ever imagine.


One thought on “The Power of One.

  1. Amen to that, sister! Thanks for the reminder. It is easy to feel small and useless. It is hard to see the big picture and just HOW MUCH we are capable of..

    Thanks! ❤

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