Directionally Challenged

Directionally Challenged

We all come to a crossroad in life. (multiple times throughout our lives usually..). High school, college, the real world… When we’re in relationships.. When we’re job searching..

Life and people pull us in all sorts of directions…

Who do we listen to?

Where is the ‘yellow-brick-road’?

Where is the flashing neon sign and the booming voice saying, “COME THIS WAY!” ?

This is when faith steps in. In the darkest of days when we’re confused and lost and unsure of anything.. we must have faith that things will work out. We must have faith that our Author has a perfect plan.

I may not have the answers. I may not know what direction to go. But the important thing is that we go; that we move; that we are not content stagnant. That we don’t stand still as the whole world moves on. That we are constantly moving forward.

We must remember that when one door closes, another door opens; often times, many doors open.

So keep moving. Keep questioning. Keep searching. You’re not alone on this journey.


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