I am on such a high right now! =) Just got home from catching up with an old friend!!! For purposes of confidentiality we shall call her Jo for now.

I met Jo four years ago.. my senior year of high school and her junior year of high school. We went on a TEC (Teens Encounter Christ) Retreat together and we bonded that weekend. We saw each other one other time, then we somewhat tried to stay in contact via facebook throughout the past couple of years. However…

life happens.

We were busy… we weren’t necessarily committed to coming together and actually catching up. We were both lost. We were both fighting for reasons to wake up every morning and keep trucking. Not in the ready-to-jump-off-the-deep-end kind of fighting… but the is-this-really-all-there-is kind of fighting. We were 


Well.. we finally decided to make it happen. Four years later, with very little knowledge of who the other person really was. We had no idea what to expect. Both nervous to an extent in hopes that it wouldn’t be awkward or foreign. 

Best decision ever.

We talked for almost 2 hours over dinner at Baja Pizza Fish (scrumptious… as always). As Jo said, it was like “life vomit” as we began to share our deepest insecurities and questions about life and about our struggles. It was so nice to spend time getting to know each other and learn from each other. To understand that no matter what.. 

life works out.

I am so excited to continue learning with Jo and I am so excited that our friendship has been




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