Solving for Y with Cups and Kisses!

I Speak Math

My students beautifully tackled two step equations with ease, showing all of their steps along the way and solving to perfection!  So, when it was time to graph, I decided that we would spend a day solving for y before learning all of the different forms of the equation of a line.  Sometimes as a teacher, you assume a new concept will be easy for your students.  However, my students are treading through the new waters of Algebra, and what seems obvious to me is not always obvious to them.  After I spent hours making a fun “Solving for Y” Jeopardy game so that would could spend an hour solving equations for y with glee, we instead spent an hour of misery.  The kids were tortured by the problems that they thought were “way too hard” simply because they did not understand what they were supposed to be doing.

My mistake was…

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