Goodbye Ohio

This post is inspired by The Daily Post’s: Daily Prompt.

There are so many moments when I think;


Things would be so much easier… to just pick up and leave. Move somewhere completely new where people know nothing about me. Like the movie, Safe Haven… Julianne Hough’s character moves South to escape a deranged ex-lover. She steps off the bus at a beautiful little town and begins to introduce herself as Katie which is a new name. So many times, I have thought about leaving. Our whole lives as youth, we contemplate our future. We dream of being old enough to make our own decisions and being on our own. We dream of the days that we are adults and can decide what we do and when we do it…

And then it comes

I graduate in 53 days

Holy Moly.. that is scary. I have my whole life planned out up until May 4, 2014. After the graduation ceremony, it’s a blank page which is both exciting and terrifying. I have a job fair to go to on March 27… and I was looking at the different school districts that will be in attendance for interviews, my heart began to race. Schools are coming from all over the country to host interviews. It’s crazy to think that I can go anywhere and do anything that I want. The idea that I am an adult and have to start making important decisions about my life is stressful. There are some school districts in Florida, Arizona, and North Carolina that I would really be interested in learning more about. I’m also planning on living in San Francisco for the summer. As much fun as it would be and I know that the opportunities and experiences would be well worth the change, it is still a huge decision to make.


I want to be able to go out and SEE; to see new things, to be educated on what else is out there. It would be exciting to learn more and experience more; 

a whole new adventure.

It would also be nice that I would be closer to my cousins and my brother. The warm weather would be fabulous, as well. So much of me is ready to just drive out there and move today… but there is also a part of me that is really scared to just up and leave…


Even though I hate it here sometimes… and it’s difficult to be here with the history and toxicity of some of my experiences. But at the end of the day… 

Ohio is home

So everyday I’m learning. I’m searching. I’m figuring out more about myself and what I want and need and trying to be in tune to Christ’s call for me.. But no matter what I decide I have faith that 

life works out



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