Two steps forward.

eight steps back.

Life is a process. We go through the motions. We get hurt. We try to put the pieces back together. We heal. We fall a part. We laugh. We dance. We grow. We learn.

I was talking to a friend the other day about heartbreak. Our discussion lead us to discussing how our days can fluctuate.. some days can be so great, and other days we just can’t seem to move on. This seems to be the truth not only for heartbreak… but for life in general.

some days are amazing. easy. worth it.

while other days I find myself questioning everything. It’s all a


We grow up. We grow wiser (some of us). We learn.

We aren’t supposed to have all of the answers. Sometimes I find peace in that and sometimes I am overwhelmed with anxiety. But I have to bring myself back to my Creator. I am not the one holding the pen and I have to remember that my author has a magnificent ending for me… but there is so much life to live before the end.

During my interviews, I was asked multiple times about hand-picking my classroom. What type of students would I choose, etc.. I was really distraught by this question.. but I began to formulate an answer. I wouldn’t hand-pick my classroom if I could. What i love about being an intervention specialist is that every day is different.

Some days I come home


Other days I come home


I think both parts equally important… I need those defeated days to make the glowing days so bright. And I need the glowing days to remind me why I love what I do. It’s the same if you apply the concept to your life. Some days seem unbearable. Yet, others make it all worth it. Once again.. as I’ve said before..

life works out.

What are you feeling? Are you feeling defeated or glowing? and how are you dealing with that? Just remember it’s a process and it will work out. Keep growing. Keep learning. Keep sharing.



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