Why is this happening?

If You truly loved me.. then why would You allow me to endure so much pain?

If You are truly ‘all-powerful’ then why won’t You take this away?

I don’t understand why You haven’t answered my prayers.

Sound familiar? Living in the world that we live in… we can be so quick to cast blame. A lot of times that finger is pointed at God because it’s kind of the ‘easy out’. It’s so easy to blame the One who created us all. Something bad happens, and we break down. We search for answers. Throwing all sorts of bribes up there hoping that He can fix all of our problems. When we don’t hear Him.. we blame it on Him and throw comments out like the ones I listed above.

1. Sometimes life is unfair. The sooner that we can come to peace with that, the sooner we can move on.

2. God can’t answer us if we never take the time to listen. We spend too much time talking in His presence and too little time actually listening and searching for what He is telling us. Silence is good. Silence means that God has our full attention and He can answer accordingly.

3. No prayer goes unanswered. The only issue is that we aren’t always ready to hear His answers. We want flashing neon lights and big overhead voice that sounds like Morgan Freeman saying, “[insert your name here], this way! This is the answer!“. It just doesn’t happen that way. We often fail to remember that God reveals His answers to us in His timing. Sometimes the answers are not what we expected, nor what we were looking for so we missed it.

4. LIFE WORKS OUT! I’ve said it before and I will say it again. Life works out. It does.. I promise. Even in the deepest valleys when we are shattered into a million and one pieces and so lost with no direction… it does work out. God has a way of knowing what we need and as long as put our trust in Him, it will be revealed to us. 

I’m going to offer up a prayer request, so please please please pray with me..

Heavenly Father,
Please watch over my brothers and sisters that are suffering. Specifically those in a broken relationship or marriage. Help them to find solace in you. Guide them as their life is falling a part right before their eyes. Help them to fix their gaze upon You and only You and please, Jesus, have mercy on them.



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