It is finished.

This line has been so meaningful in my life lately.

It is finished.

Holy Week was last week and I had many discussions that dealt with the last few phrases Jesus said while He was on the cross. It is definitely a monumental phrase. It is finished.

What the heck does that even mean? The phrase ‘it is finished’ sounds like 

the end. 

That’s not the case.. The actual word that Jesus says is, “Tetelestai“. The meaning of tetelestai is NOT an end all, be all, its it the end, or I’m giving up. Tetelestai means I’ve finished what I came to do… but that the job is done in FULL. In the context of the cross, it is a 


Jesus was dying so that we could live on.

I’m feeling like that about school right now.


I graduate a week from Sunday and I am officially done with all of my school assignments/projects/etc… And I am proud to say that I have officially accepted a teaching position.


This is all so exciting. Though I am terribly sad that my time at college is coming to a close and finishing, I am moving on to some amazing opportunities in the future. I can not wait to move and start this new chapter in my life that is only happening because of the hard work that I just finished while in college. It is amazing to see how far I’ve come and I can not wait to see what the future holds!



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