I am participating in Writing101 challenge from the Daily Post.
Today was the first day and essentially the idea was to set your
timer for 20 minutes and free write.. then to post whatever comes
out to your blog. So here goes the random free-writing thoughts
of my day today. Thanks for reading and please feel free to let
me know what you think. :) 



Schedules change and that’s okay.” – One of my college professors used to tell us this all the time. This quote was very relevant to most of us students… especially studying Special Education. There are many times that we have these set lesson plans for this AWESOME way of teaching some concept… Planned out to the minute with all of these fun activities.. and often times, these plans take up large amounts of our time outside of school. For my first year in education classes, I took loads of time on all of my plans and made sure to color code this, or put a border on that. I learned quickly that things rarely go as planned.

It’s bigger than just in the classroom, I am continuously reminded that I AM NOT IN CONTROL OF MY PLANS…

“Listen to advice and accept discipline, and at the end you will be counted among the wise. Many are plans in a man’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.”

–Proverbs 19:20-21

This has been one of my favorite verses since my senior year of high school. Especially that last sentence. We have all of these plans for ourselves.. and even for the people around us. We prepare and plan for what we envision our future to look like. It makes me think of going back to Mrs. Smigelski’s class in 6th grade and having to outline every paper. If I outlined my paper, then I knew that my paper would follow it. Why doesn’t that transfer over to life..? If I outline my life, I would know that my life would follow it.

Life does go on… and I’ve learned that it all works out in the end the way it’s supposed to. But I do have to remember that often times the way it’s supposed to work out, is rarely the way I outlined it. We have all of these expectations… these ideas of how things are supposed to work.

Currently I’m struggling with the fact that this summer is not working out the way that I planned. That being said… this summer has brought about many amazing opportunities that would not have been presented if it was happening the way that I have planned. I hate that I’m not in North Canton with my college friends for one last summer before I move 1,800 miles away… but I love that I get to be home and spend time with family and closest friends. I hate that I gave my brother my car for the summer… but I am loving my daily carrides with my father. I hate that I don’t get to sing at Walsh every Sunday at mass or spend more time with some amazing twins at Walsh… but I LOVE that I have an opportunity to help out at my home parish with the Youth Group for the summer.

I’m reminded over and over again that we must change our perception in order to appreciate His plan for me. Though I don’t always enjoy that my plans don’t work out… God is continuing to bless me and open doors that I didn’t even know existed.


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