You Can’t Save Everyone; part 1

Over and over again, I’ve always been told,

“You know Caroline, you can’t save everyone”.

I hate being told that. I hate the realization that for some people, life really just doesn’t work out.

As a teacher, I struggle with this. I see the same story, first-hand, so many times… when the community around a student has already pre-destined for that student to fail before even giving them a shot. I’m slowly learning that in some cases, the person that “can’t be saved” has to make a decision for him/herself.

What do you do when one of your loved ones is really struggling with life?

What do you do when they are making decisions that are detrimental to themself/their loved ones/others?

Well.. one might say that you love them.. Well what the hell does that look like…? At what point do others come before you? Don’t get me wrong.. I am all about putting others’ needs before my own. But at what point do you jeopardize your own future for someone you love? At what point does that person have to make an effort?

As I grow up, I am learning that there is a very thin line between loving and enabling and it can be VERY hard to decipher… especially when you are emotionally involved.

Have you ever experienced this before? What did it feel like? What did you do? How did it end up workin’ out?


It’s been a crazy, long weekend and I am exhausted… but this will be continued..




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