You Had Me at the First Note

Music is most definitely one of my favorite outlets. It has a way of speaking to me, when I don’t want to listen to anyone else… It has a way of taking me into this whole new world of my own.

I love it.

I’m really not confident that I can pick just three songs to write about…

Mariana’s Trench is my all-time favorite band. I can listen to them over and over again no matter what mood I’m in. The album Ever After is my favorite and I think that I can relate to most of the lyrics. I love the lyrics and the rawness of the full masterpiece. You can feel the emotions rush through your body.

Music has always been a huge part of my life. Anybody that knows me or has spent any time with me can let you know about their feelings towards me singing… friends, family, my students, random strangers.

If I really had to narrow it down to three songs  to discuss… I’d pick…..

1. Shake it Out by Florence & the Machine

2. Porcelain by Mariana’s Trench

3. Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond (I might be biased for this one…)


What’s your relationship with music?


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