Knowledge is Power; Or Maybe Not…

Lately I’ve been having many conversations with a good friend of mine about different trying situations we find ourselves in. We have both recently found ourselves in situations that we are conflicted about. Both involved loved ones. Both involve respect… or lack thereof. Both involve moving forward. 

As we have continued to unload these doubts, struggles, and frustrations to each other.. we both have amazing advise and suggestions to offer. 

The issue is that we both know that the other is not sharing to look for answers, for the other to fix the situation, for the other to help us find a way out, etc.. We both have the knowledge of what we are supposed to do. 

People always say that,

‘knowledge is power’.

In many cases… I believe that. In the sense of informing people about situations that they be ill-informed about. Sometimes we see things in a different light when we finally have all of the facts.

However, in the current situation that I find myself in… I feel that the knowledge I have about what I need to do is not powerful in the sense of empowerment. It’s powerful in the sense of making things more difficult. Just because I have the knowledge of what I need to do, doesn’t mean that I can/will just do it. It’s hard. It’s not something that you can do alone. 

In order to find that strength to walk away from a situation that I am so emotionally and physically invested in, I must turn to God and find the strength and peace in Him.

So much easier said than done…


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