Welcome to D110!

Holy cow! This past month has been a whirlwind for sure… 

I have been through two weeks of orientation for my first teaching job ever… and the students start 


woah. When did this happen!? Who decided that I was qualified to be in charge of students!? What if I’m not ready!? What if I screw up on their IEPs!? What if they hate me!? 

Those are just a snippet of all of the questions flashing through the marquee in my mind.


okay… I know for sure that I picked the right decision to teach at this school district in Arizona. It has been so amazing getting to know my colleagues and people that work in the district office. My SPED team has been so supportive in making sure that I know the information that I need in order to be prepared for my first year of teaching.

The admin at my school have been going way above and beyond with their support for me making me feel extremely comfortable.

I have officially accepted two coaching positions for this first year as well… 

life is good!

But I am still ridiculously nervous/anxious for my first week. Please send positive vibes my way!!


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