Tragedy Made Beautiful

Two years ago today, something very traumatic happened in my life. It was definitely a defining moment in my life. I can’t believe that I am where I am right now. It’s so incredibly crazy to me to think about the life that I have lived the last 2 years.

Two years and about a week ago, I met two people who started a snowball effect that forever changed my life. To those people.. I will forever be in debt. After finally having the strength and confidence to do something for myself, I walked down to the Campus Ministry office at my University. That was the first step of many that helped shape who I am today.

Not only did I meet the Campus Minister that day (who eventually became like family), but I also met a great friend who really pushed me to be strong and to stand up for myself. He introduced me to people and forced me to be social.

The memories and laughs that I’ve shared with people for the past two years are such a blessing. The last year and a half of college was by far the best time of my life. I am so incredibly grateful for the relationships that were formed and the love that has been shared with me. It’s crazy for me to think that most of the people that I consider ‘family’ to me.. have been in my life no more than 2 years.

there is hope

If you would have asked me two years ago if I’d ever find joy again… Or if I’d ever feel safe… Or if I was ever going to be comfortable in my own skin… I would have said no. I wouldn’t have even knew how to begin to think about answering any of those questions.

Then I think about the people that have been there the whole time… and how I turned away because I didn’t want to let them in. Specifically, a person that has been in my life for 15 years. She has been there through thick and thin and when I think about everything that we’ve been able to overcome because of each other I get so emotional. She’s the closest thing I have to a sister and I can’t begin to thank her for everything she’s done since we were kids.

so many mixed emotions..

I am so incredibly happy to be in Arizona and to be feeling success in my first career and in my first truly independent experience as an adult. However, especially today, as I reflect on the last two years… I really miss home.

thank the people you are grateful for
say ‘i love you’ to the people you love
live every day looking forward
be the best person you can be
believe in yourself
love yourself
& know that there is always hope


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