2,080 Miles Away

This past week has been QUITE the week…

I moved across the country, got a new car, submitted an application for my first apartment, received the keys to my classroom, and have been through quite the whirlwind of emotions.

I still have so many anxieties and fears about the next couple of weeks as I begin my first couple of weeks of my FIRST teaching job, but I am so excited!!

Currently, I don’t think I’ve processed that I’ve actually moved here.. that it’s not just this vacation to spend time with my Aunt/Uncle/Cousins.. but that I’m actually not going home; well… I guess this is home.

I think that will all hit me when I officially move in to my own place. 

There are still so many things to do… I just wanted to post an update before I go spend sometime with Jesus.


#MassTime #WelcometoAZ #HomeSweetHome