Look at the FACTS!

Data Data Data!

It really is so incredibly important to constantly be looking at the data. Personally, I think one of the worst mistakes that are made by teachers is when we look at a child and bring preconceived notions to the table. Collecting data provides facts about the students and allows us to look at what we knownot what we think about the student. I have multiple different trackers that I use for different types of data… behavior trackers/small group trackers/specific skill trackers/overall progress trackers… etc. Here are a couple of pictures of my different forms of trackers I use for data collection. I also have provided links to blank versions of these resources.

I use different trackers for small group instruction in various areas. I have a math intervention group that I see 3 days a week. I track all of that data filling out these forms I’ve created. They are easy to use/read and allow me to have evidence and notes to share with my colleagues to keep everyone on the same page about the progress of this group. image2

This next one I use in a class that I co-teach in using small group instruction two days a week. I have one sheet for each group. Each filled out sheet goes into a binder with student samples directly behind it. This allows my colleague and I to review student work and plan for future groups. All of this data helps us learn how we can improve and to praise our students when they have made progress. :)This is a version of blank trackers that you could manipulate to collect data of any small group.


I also work with many different students on behavior trackers. The picture below shows how I track all of that data throughout the weeks. I have each daily tracker filed behind this sheet in a binder, in order, with parent signatures. This allows me to have easy access to the information when it comes to parent and/or team meetings about this individual.image1

Here is the link to a blank template to track behavior points.

What types of data collection trackers do you use?




2 thoughts on “Look at the FACTS!

  1. Brilliant use of best business practices to help get the most out of human beings (and yourself, as a teacher).

    Awesome to see you going the extra mile on behalf of our children.

    Thank you for that.

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